ICOEST Conf. 2014 (Part 1)

Table of Contents


Determination of The Best Available Coagulation/Flocculation Technology with Novel Pre-hydrolysed Coagulants for Colour Removal from Biologically Treated Textile Wastewater PDF
Gunay Yildiz Tore, S.Ozden Celik, Reyhan Gurkan, Senay Kirhan Sesler 1-12
Assessment Of Diyarbakır City Centre Groundwater Quality And Obtaining Thematic Maps With GIS Technic. PDF
Recep Celik 13-22
Evaluating water quality with fuzzy logic approach PDF
Rabia KOKLU, Beytullah EREN, Bülent SENGORUR 23-28
Evaluation Of Water Quality Of Karacalar Dam (Ulaş-Sivas) By Using Physico-Chemical Methods PDF
Ekrem MUTLU, Banu KUTLU, Telat YANIK, Tuğba DEMİR 29-39
The Evaluation of Water Quality Parameters of Beydilli River (Hafik-Sivas) PDF
Ekrem MUTLU, Banu KUTLU, Tuğba DEMİR, Telat YANIK, Nicoleta Anca SUTAN 39-51
Detection and quantification of triphenyltin in the sea-water of Tripoli’s port (Al Mina) PDF
Rola ZAYDAN, J. Saab, R. Melhem, J. Pharaon 52-55
The Analysis and Evaluations of Heavy Metal Concentrations in Tap Water Samples Taken from Different Locations in Marmara Region PDF
Bayram POYRAZ, F. Taspınar 56-62
Photocatalytic Effect of ZnO Crystals on Methylene Blue Solutions PDF
M. B. Akin, M. Oner 63-67
Evaluation Of Critical Field Parameters For Modeling Accumulation Of Waste Solids Derived From A Marine Cage Farm PDF
Umur ONAL, A. Sepil, A. İsmen 68-79
Adsorption of Color from Textile Wastewater by Black Locust Tree, Robinia pseudoacacia (Leguminosae) Fruits PDF
Doga AKTAS, Sema Nur Giray, Yagmur Uysal 80-89
Removal of Dye from Real Textile Wastewater by Sono-Electro-Fenton Oxidation Process PDF
Sema Nur GİRAY, Doga Aktas, Mustafa Dolaz, Yagmur Uysal 90-97
Characterization of Mesoporous Carbon Prepared from by Acorn Shell ZnCl2 Chemical Activation PDF
Esra Altintig, Mustafa GOK, Emre Gulcemal 98-102
Study of Phosphates Adsorption from Water by Recycled Concrete PDF
Pavel Buriánek, M. Skalický, A. Grünwald 103-112
Microbiological Quality Assessment of Groundwater around Industrial Effluent Site of Odonla-A suburb of Ikorodu, Lagos PDF
Oluremi N. Olaleye, AbdulHakeem B. Ogunbajo, Abdullateef O. Olanlege 113-119
Ammonium Recovery by Means of a Natural Zeolite in Fluidized Beds PDF
Ayşe Ç. Erbil, Elif Soyer, Marzieh Khedmati 120-125
The Current State of Groundwater Sources in Sarajevo, Problems and Prospects PDF
E. Hadžić, N. Ligata, A. Mulaomerović-Šeta 126-134
Use of Isotope Techniques to Determine The Source of Nitrogen Compounds in Grounwater PDF
olcay özer 135-144
Morphological and Morphometric analysis of lakes in eastern zone in RibeirãoPreto city, Brazil. PDF
Cristiano Poleto, Felippe Fernandes, Anderson Manzoli, Analu E. dos Santos 145-154
Selective removal of chromium (VI) from water by Dowex 1X8: Optimization operating conditions PDF
F. Guesmi, S. Harbi, Ch. Hannachi, B. Hamrouni 155-178
Water Pollution in Souf - Algerian Sahara PDF
Assia Meziani, Soumia Meguellati 179-187
Ammonium Removal from Balıkesir Providence Solid Waste Landfill Leachate via Jet Loop Reactor PDF
Simge SERTKAYA, Burhanettin Farizoglu, Suleyman UZUNER 188-197
Removal of Cadmium Using Electrocoagulation Process in Drinking and Using Water Nearby Oil Fields in Diyarbakir PDF
H. Kara, Z. Tunay, H. Temel 199-208
Removal Lead of Drinking and Using Water Nearby Oil Fields by Electrocoagulation in Diyarbakir PDF
H. Kara, Z. Tunay, H. Temel 209-216
Effect of Different Temperatures on the Performance of AnMBR Systems PDF
Gokce Pehlivaner, N. Buyukkamaci 217-224
The Effect of External Feed Source on Color Removal with Algae in Real Textile Wastewater PDF
Serden BASAK, Dilek OZGUN, Ozer CINAR 225-233
Performance of Sequential Anaerobic/Aerobic Biological Treatment of Synthetic Wastewater Containing Two Types of Azo Dye PDF
Muzher M. Aldoury, Waleed M. Sh. Alabdraba, Mohamed B. Al-Bayati 234-248
Biosorption of Metamizol Sodium By Live Activated Sludge PDF
Serpil SAVCI 249-254
Household Greywater Treatment by Electrosynthesized Ferrate (VI) PDF
S. BARISCI, A. Dimoglo, C. Karatepe 260-267
Study and Evaluation of Risk Related to Waters Contamination of Dam of Guenitra, by Heavy Metals, from Mine of Sidi Kamber PDF
Salah Medjram, Khalfaoui Malika 268-274
The Adsorption of Dye Removal from Textile Industry Wastewater with Natural Adsorbents PDF
Asude ATES, Rabia Koklu, Cigdem Ozer 275-282
Effect of Initial pH for Phosphorus Removal by Electrocoagulation Method Using Iron Electrode PDF
Kante Mamadou Dian, Feng Chuanping, Kante Cellou, Zhang Baogang 283-288
Adsorption of Copper Ions from Aqueous Solution using Waste Foundry Sand PDF
Elif H. Gürkan, Semra Çoruh, Cem Kılıcoglu 289-298
Removal of Nickel from Industrial Wastewater by Using Clinoptilolite PDF
Cigdem OZER, A. Ates 299-305
Heavy Metal Contents in Tannery Wastewater PDF
Meruyert Koizhaiganova, Nuray Olcay Uzum, İrfan Cireli, Bahytkul K. Assenova 306-310
Pre-treatment to enhance biogas yield from pulp and paper mill sludge PDF
Karin M. Granström, Josefine Montelius 311-320
Adsorption of Cr(VI) From Aqueous Solution onto Sugar Beet Pulp and Hydrochloric Acid Modified Pulp PDF
Yusuf Faik Demiral, N. Öztürk 321-330
ICT’s solutions for a better environment PDF
Mounira Rouaïnia 331-337
Treatment of Olive Mill Effluent by Adsorption and Photooxidation to Nano-ZnO and Nano-ZnO-Magnetite PDF
Merve BALABAN, Delia Teresa Sponza 338-349
A Sustainability Perspective on Choice of Method in Applied Science A Case Study of A Pulp and Paper Mill Wastewater Experiment PDF
M. From-Aldaron 350-354
Treatment of azo dye Acid Yellow 2G by using lab-scale vertical-flow intermittent feeding constructed wetlands PDF
Arda Yalcuk, Gamze Dogdu 355-368
Batch Electrocoagulation Reactor for Natural Organic Matter Removal from Synthetic and Real Water Samples PDF
Feride ULU, Sibel Barıscı, Mehmet Kobya, Heikki Särkkä, Mika Sillanpää 369-379
Comparison Of Adsorption and Photocatalytic Removals Of Phenol, BOD5 and Some Cod Components From Olive Mill Effluents By Nano-ZnO-SiO2 Composites PDF
Caglar ULUSOY, Delia Teresa Sponza 380-390
Ammonium nitrogen removal from pharmaceutical wastewater by struvite precipitation PDF
İmren Yiğit, Feryal Akbal 391-396
Analysis and Monitoring The Impact of Second Generation Thermal Hydrolysis Process on Mesophilic Anaerobic Digestion Process performance PDF
Nick Mills, Achame Shana, Sabeha Ouki, Rex Thorpe 397-406
Decolorization of Reactive Dyes from Textile Wastewater by Advanced Oxidation Methods PDF
Duygu Serdar, Merve Kaytancı, Afife Guvenc 407-413
A Case Study for Evaluation of Treated Wastewater for Re-Use in A Plant Storing Chemical and Producing Ligno Product PDF
G. Yıldız Tore, R. Gurkan, E. B. Yapıcıoglu 414-423
Physicochemical and rheological Study on property distributions depending on the pH of mine drainage in oxidation ponds PDF
Lee Dong-kil, Yim Gil-Jae 424-435
Investigation of New Techniques Used in the Removal of Dyes in Textile Wastewater PDF
Nuriye ESENCELI, İsmail Tiyek 436-446
An Investigation of SO2 and PM10 Emissions Sourced from Residential Areas by Using Different Models of Distribution in Körfez District PDF
Kazım Onur Demirarslan, Senay Cetin Dogruparmak 447-458
Carbon Footprint of Concentrated Latex: A Case Study in Southern Thailand PDF
P. Usubharatana, H. Phungrassami 459-466
Tugba Gurmen Ozcelik 467-472
Concentrations of Particulate Matters during Semester and Semester Break at Nakhon Si Thammarat Municipality, Southern Thailand PDF
Thongchai Kanabkaew, Kamonchanok Kongkul 473-481
Urban Air Quality Plans and Integrated Assessment Methodologies PDF
Ana Miranda, H. Relvas, E. Turrini, D. Lopes, C. Silveira, S. Rafael, J. Ferreira, M. Lopes, C. Borrego, M. Volta 482-493
The Investigation Of Toxicity Caused By Air Pollution In The Children Parks PDF
Süheyla TONGUR, Gulnihal Kara 494-503
Gülnihal KARA, Mehmet Emin AYDIN 504-516
The Removing of Odor Emissions at Wastewater Treatment Plants PDF
Gülnihal KARA 517-525
Removal of Stormwater Contaminants Using a Mineral-based Approach Treatment PDF
Farideh Hamilton, Robert Slade, Neil I. Ward 526-533

ISSN: 2147-3781