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ICOEST Conf. 2013 (Part 1) Hydrothermal gasification of corn-cob hemicellulose to produce hydrogen and methane Abstract   PDF
Nihal Cengiz, T. Madenoglu, M. Saglam, M. Yüksel, L. Ballice
Vol 1, No 3 (2012): July-September Hypertension And Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 Enzyme Activity Abstract   PDF
Aysegul Bayramoglu, Meral Urhan Kucuk, Suleyman Ercan, Okay Abaci, Halil Ibrahim Guler, Yunus Kucukkaya, Mustafa Cagatay Korkmaz
ICOEST Conf. 2014 (Part 1) ICT’s solutions for a better environment Abstract   PDF
Mounira Rouaïnia
ICASE Conference 2015 Identifying CTX-M Resistance Gene Beta-lactamase in the Separated Escherichia Coli from Urine Samples by Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) in Khoramabad, Iran Abstract   PDF
Zainab Barzgir, Ehsan RASHIDIAN, Nemat SHAMS
ICOEST Conf. 2013 (Part 2) Impact OfClimate ChangeOnForest Ecosystems Abstract   PDF
N. Yigit, Ayse Ozturk
Vol 2, No 2 (2013): April-June Improve performance and radiation resistance of transistors Abstract   PDF
Daulet Tuyakbayev, Sabri Kocer
ICOEST Conf. 2014 (Part 2) Improving GPS-Derived Ellipsoidal Heights Using Observed Meteo Data Abstract   PDF
Seyit Ali YILMAZ
Vol 1, No 4 (2012): October-December In vivo antimicrobial activity of Rheum ribes ekstracts obtained from various plant parts from Turkey Abstract   PDF
Yusuf Alan, Nurcan Erbil, Metin Digrak
ICOEST Conf. 2013 (Part 1) Industrial Waste – Water Treatment By Natural Filter Aids Abstract   PDF
Mayssaa Al-Bidry, Khaldoun S. Al- Bassam, Arwa Sh. Taka
Vol 4, No 3 (2015): July-September Inhibitory effect of Micromeria fruticosa ssp. brachycalyx on Streptococcus mutans biofilm formation and its antimutagenic and antioxidant activities Abstract   PDF
Rukiye Boran, Aysel Ugur
ICOEST Conf. 2013 (Part 2) Initial pH Effect on Algae Production under Batch Conditions Abstract   PDF
Tolga Bahadir, Mustafa Isik
ISDS Symposium (2014) Innovation Dynamics of Turkish Regions Compared to European Union Abstract   PDF
Malgorzata Markowska, Andrzej Sokolowski, Danuta Strahl
ICOEST Conf. 2013 (Part 2) Integrating the Removal of Nutrients with Anaerobic Digestion of Primary and Waste Activated Sludge Mixture Abstract   PDF
Sibel Uludag-Demirer, Goksel N. Demirer, Metin Duran
ICOEST Conf. 2013 (Part 2) Interactions between natural materials and inorganic pollutants Abstract   PDF
Salah Medjram, Nassira Ferroudj
ICASE Conference 2015 Investigating the Relationship between Hard work and Psychological Well-being (Case Study: Azad University students, Tehran Medical Branch) Abstract   PDF
Ahghar GHODSI, Tahereh Mohammadi
ICOEST Conf. 2014 (Part 2) Investigation of Adsorption Capacity of Acid Yellow Dye onto Activated Ermenek (Karaman-Turkey) Region Lignite Abstract   PDF
Süheyla TONGUR, Fatih Yorulmaz, Fatih Yorulmaz, Fatih Yorulmaz, Mehmet Faik Sevimli, Sezen Kucukcongar Kucukcongar
ICOEST Conf. 2013 (Part 2) Investigation of Chromium Removal by Adsorption/Precipitation Techniques using Solid Waste Material Abstract   PDF
Mohamed Aboabboud, Hesham Ibrahim, Aly Okasha, M. S. Elatrash
ICOEST Conf. 2013 (Part 1) Investigation of Co(1-x)-Bx Catalyst Characteristics By Boron Sources Effect Abstract   PDF
Bilge Coskuner, Mehmet Burcin Piskin, Aysel Kanturk Figen
Yusuf Uzun
Vol 4, No 1 (2015): January - March Investigation of Fe(III) bonding properties of tetracaine using spectrofluorimetric method Abstract   PDF
S. Beniz Gunduz, Mesut Muslumoglu
ICASE Conference 2015 Investigation of frying oils in fast foods Case study: Behbahan city Abstract   PDF
M.Javad Taghipour Fard Ardekani, M. Taghipour Fard ARDEKANI
ICOEST Conf. 2014 (Part 1) Investigation of New Techniques Used in the Removal of Dyes in Textile Wastewater Abstract   PDF
Nuriye ESENCELI, İsmail Tiyek
ICOEST Conf. 2013 (Part 2) Investigation of Sulfur Dioxide and Particulate Matter Levels in Kayseri, Turkey from 2008 to 2012 Abstract   PDF
Gulhan Ozdogan, Filiz Dadaser-Celik
ICOEST Conf. 2014 (Part 2) Investigation of Water Quality of Samanlı and Safran River (Yalova) in Terms of Inorganic Nutrients and Physicochemical Properties Abstract   PDF
Pelin Demirçivi Demirçivi, Ş Karadirek, Rafet Bozdoğan, J Hızal
ICOEST Conf. 2014 (Part 2) Investigation The Water Qualıty Of Çimenyenice Lake (Hafik- Sivas) Abstract   PDF
Ekrem MUTLU, Banu KUTLU, Tuğba Demir
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