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Vol 4, No 1 (2015): January - March The Synthesis and characterization of five-coordinate Schiff base complexes of gallium Abstract   PDF
Erhan Karatas, Mamure Bayram, Halil Ismet Ucan
Vol 3, No 2 (2014): April - June The Synthesis and Characterization of s-Triazine-Based 8-Hydroxyquinoline Ligand and Its Salen/Salophen-Bridged Fe/Cr(III) Capped Complexes Abstract   PDF
Erhan Karatas, Halil Ismet Ucan
ICOEST Conf. 2013 (Part 1) The Transfer of Gold Production by Cyanidation Method from Developed Countries to Developing Countries: An Evaluation of Bergama-Ovacık Sample from an Administrative and Legal Perspective Abstract   PDF
Ali Sahin, Ibrahim Ugur Erkis
Vol 2, No 3 (2013): July-September The tree crown distribution and population densities of Bituberculate scale [Palaeolecanium bituberculatum (Targ.-Tozz.) (Hom.: Coccidae)] on different apple cultivars Abstract   PDF
Ekrem Ogur, Celal Tuncer
ICOEST Conf. 2013 (Part 1) The Urban Forest as a Regulator of the Urban Climate Abstract   PDF
Aimilia B. Kontogianni, Thekla K. Tsitsoni, Gerasimos Goudelis, Despoina Maria Vlachaki
ICOEST Conf. 2014 (Part 2) The use of different types of wastes as an alternative energy source in incineration systems Abstract   PDF
Asude ATES, Hüseyin PEHLİVAN
ICOEST Conf. 2013 (Part 2) Three Remarkable Moss Records from Inner Anatolian Abstract   PDF
Recep Kara, Tulay Ezer, Safiye Merve Can-Gozcu
ICASE Conference 2015 To Evaluation the Rate of Run Off Hydrographs of Floods in Mansourabad Watershed Basin of South khorasan Using SCS Abstraction Parameters and Compared with the Curve method D.jlaly Abstract   PDF
GHorbani Abbas, Tavoosi Mojtaba, GHolkar HAMZEIE YAZD HAMIDREZA
ICOEST Conf. 2014 (Part 2) Toxicity and Uptake of Nickel+2 by Synechocystis sp. Isolates Abstract   PDF
Ebru Şebnem YILMAZ, Belma ASLIM, Emir CANSUNAR
ICOEST Conf. 2013 (Part 1) Traffic Related Noise Pollution on a University Campus-Modelling and Measurements Abstract   PDF
Taylan Tuna, S. Sinan Keskin
ICOEST Conf. 2013 (Part 2) Treatment Alternatives of Olive Mill Wastewater (OMW): A Review Abstract   PDF
M. Yalili Kilic, S. K. Akal Solmaz
ICOEST Conf. 2014 (Part 1) Treatment of azo dye Acid Yellow 2G by using lab-scale vertical-flow intermittent feeding constructed wetlands Abstract   PDF
Arda Yalcuk, Gamze Dogdu
ICOEST Conf. 2014 (Part 1) Treatment of Olive Mill Effluent by Adsorption and Photooxidation to Nano-ZnO and Nano-ZnO-Magnetite Abstract   PDF
Merve BALABAN, Delia Teresa Sponza
Vol 3, No 4 (2014): October-December Two new records from Asteraceae for the flora of Turkey and a new synonym in the genus Psephellus Abstract   PDF
Ahmet Duran, Bekir Dogan, Meryem Seker
ICOEST Conf. 2014 (Part 1) Urban Air Quality Plans and Integrated Assessment Methodologies Abstract   PDF
Ana Miranda, H. Relvas, E. Turrini, D. Lopes, C. Silveira, S. Rafael, J. Ferreira, M. Lopes, C. Borrego, M. Volta
ICOEST Conf. 2014 (Part 2) Use of Fenton Reagent in the Degradation of Reactive Turquoise in Aqueous Medium Abstract   PDF
Nurgül Özbay, A.Ş. Yargıç, E. Önal, Y.Z. Yarbay Şahin Şahin, Y. Kara
ICOEST Conf. 2013 (Part 2) Use of Intertidal Mangrove by Juvenile Fishes: the Case of Mae Klong Estuary, Inner Gulf of Thailand Abstract   PDF
Siraprapha Premcharoen
ICOEST Conf. 2014 (Part 1) Use of Isotope Techniques to Determine The Source of Nitrogen Compounds in Grounwater Abstract   PDF
olcay özer
ICOEST Conf. 2014 (Part 2) Use of pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from a hot spring for high oil wastewaters treatment Abstract   PDF
Abooalfazl Azhdarpoor, Bagher Mortazavi, Gholamreza Moussavi
ICOEST Conf. 2013 (Part 1) Use of Renewable Energy Sources For Energy Demands of Waste Water Treatment Plants Abstract   PDF
Beyhan Oktar, S. E. Çelik, Y. Norman
ICOEST Conf. 2013 (Part 2) Use of the Renewable Energy Resources for Drying in Tarsus Municipality Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludges Abstract   PDF
Halil Kambur, Erdem Akgul, Gamze Koyuncu
ICOEST Conf. 2013 (Part 2) Using ECHAM5 General Circulation Model and Hydrological Lumped Model GR2M to Assess Impacts of Climate Change on Runoff Abstract   PDF
Umut Okkan, Okan Fistikoglu
ICOEST Conf. 2013 (Part 1) Using Mercury Isotopic Signatures to Trace Steel Plant Atmospheric Emissions in Southern Italy Abstract   PDF
Gary Bigham, Cristiano Pozzi, Carlo Monti
ICOEST Conf. 2014 (Part 2) Using NDVI to Assess Vegetative Land Cover Change in Coastline of Belek, Antalya Abstract   PDF
Ahmet Benliay, Arzu Altuntaş
ICOEST Conf. 2013 (Part 2) Using of Clean Water Treatment Sludge as Top Dressing on Turfgrass Established with Stenotaphrum secundatum (Walter) Kuntze Abstract   PDF
Parisa Amini, Z. Sogut
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