An Ergonomic Study on Dentists Working Posture in Faculty of Dentistry in Konya




Dentists are confronted with musculoskeletal disorders because of failure to comply with ergonomic principles, proper body mechanics and the unavailability of deviations from the natural stance, long and irregular working hours, irregular work schedules and stress. In this case, business efficiency, business performance and health of employee, quality life of employee are influenced negatively. In this study, work postures, repetitive movements and deviations from the natural working position for the dentist are analyzed by using ergonomic analysis method. Results of ergonomic analysis are evaluated by statistically so risk is identified. Risk reduction suggestions and necessary corrective actions are proposed in order to develop a continuous improvement. Results show that the dentists complain about the musculoskeletal system for the neck, back, shoulder and waist. There is no statistically significant difference (p>0.05) between age groups, work experience and impact score. Females have greater impact score than males. There is no statistically significant difference to mean of RULA scores (p>0.05). The risk group is determined that is in moderate risk.




Dentists, Ergonomic Analysis, Work Postures, Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders

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