Take A Look At Ron Shan Church, A Work By Le Corbusier, With Field-Oriented Approach

Maryam Mohammadi Gheyeghchi


This study aimed at taking analytical look at Ron Shan Church by Le Corbusier. First, it was attempted to open the look of modern architecture by historical look at modern arts and its causes then briefly explained Le Corbusier‘s thoughts in order to give a clear look at what is called the content of the article. In the following, some Le Corbusier‘s works such as LA tort’s Home and Sava’s Villa, the divisions of his work and eras were mentioned and finally the elements and concepts forming Ron Shan Church such as materials, form, color, light and etc. were studied. It should be noted that due to the field-oriented analytical approach in this article the word field is considered as context and the work itself is the text.


context, text, bipolar systems, field-oriented

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