A Comparative Study of the Dome and Ogive in Eastern and Western Architecture

Houtan Iravani


Today, attention to the history and context in which an architectural building has been shaped is considered as one of the axiomatic principles in the studies of cities’ sustainable development and without an appropriate understanding of history, the possibility of authentic design does not exist. On the other hand, the emergence of modern architecture and prevalence of anti-traditionalism in art has made many Eastern societies alien to their roots, despite its beneficial contributions. Thus, the scientific finding of root origins of the most substantial of these patterns and innovations can be effective in self-sustainable, endogenous and lifelike development and self-esteem in arts, including works of architecture, and can store the eastern artist back to the main road of development. In this article, using the lifelike development model, it is explained how the modern architecture can be reinforced and authenticated through finding the historical roots of traditional patterns. Afterwards, it is attempted to find the root origin of one of the determining innovations in the history of architecture world: the dome and roof, still alive and applicable in modern architecture; and this result is obtained that, unlike some conducted researches, the origin of these architectural innovations is not in the Annie church, Autun cathedral or Pantheon; and their roots can be traced in the East, one Its roots in the East, one in the range of Khorasan BazehHur and the other in Esfahan Joorjir mosque, such as Chakhmaq Hill vents and aqueduct of Gonabad borough in Iran. Regarding the root, it is dated back as old as the same sample in the same example in Cordoba Mosque and or more antiquated in Joorjir mosque. With this knowledge, the contemporary eastern architects can regard these patterns as authentic, with respect to their sphere of influence, and can strengthen the identity of modern architecture based on the lifelike development model, and apply it afresh and refurbished in eastern architecture and art.


Architectural Innovations, Joorjir Mosque, Bazehur, Dome, Root, Lifelike model, East, Iran

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