Anatomical studies and conservation status of rare endemic Hypericum sechmenii Ocak&Koyuncu (Sect: Adenosepalum) from Eskişehir-Turkey

O.Koray Yaylaci, Kurtulus Ozgisi, Okan Sezer, Gokhan Orhanoglu, Dervis Ozturk, Onur Koyuncu


Hypericaceae which contains 500 taxa and outspreadall over the world is one of the largest families. Hypericum L. is biggestgenus of Hypericaceae family. The genus Hypericumis represented by nearly 100 taxa in Turkey and its endemism ratio ismore than 40%. This genus is very important because of its seconder metabolitesand it also has an economical value. Taxonomical studies about this genus arevery restricted. In this study anatomical property of rare endemic Hypericumsechmenii Ocak & Koyuncu which distribute naturally inEskişehir-Turkey was firstly investigated. To research anatomical features, transverse sections of the roots,stem, leaves and surface sections of the leaves were studied. Observedanatomical properties of H. sechmenii were compared with some otherspecies. In addition to, chrology of H. sechmenii was reviewed and conservation status issuggested for the first time.


Anatomy; Conservation; Endemic; Eski?ehir; Hypericum; Turkey

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