A New Method for Recycling of Metal Chips

Abdullah Aslan, Omer Sinan Sahin, Emin Salur, Aydin Gunes, Ahmet Akdemir, Hakan Burak Karadag


As a result of machining a vast amount of metal chips are formed. These metallic chips can be recycled by melting. The high amount of energy required for melting process significantly increase the cost of recycling and it causes environmental pollution because the required energy generally derived from fossil fuels ( Gronostajski J.; Matuszak A., 1999 ). Therefore, researchers are working on alternative methods for the recycling of chips in order to reduce usage of fossil fuels and environmental pollution as a result of utilization of fossil fuels. In this study the possibility of the recycling of metal chip by means of hot pressing under particular temperatures and pressures instead of conventional melting recycling process has been investigated. A new metal matrix composites which are compose of spheroid graphite cast iron SGCI(GGG-40) and tin-bronze(CuSn10) was produced by this new sustainable method.


Bronze and nodular cast iron chips; Production of metal matrix composite; Recycling

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