Electrical, Optical and Structural Properties of ZnO Thin Films Prepared

Songul Fiat, Guven Cankaya, Michael Kompitsas


ZnO films with hexagonal wurtzite structure were deposited at 3000C substrate temperature. Thin (200 nm) zinc oxide films were grown by PLD on soda-lime glass with the aid of a 248 nm pulsed excimer laser that was ablating a pure (99.9%) Zn target. The substrates were kept at room temperature and the pressure of the ambient reactive gas oxygen was 10 and 20 Pa. In this work, we present our investigations on how oxygen pressure affects the optical, electrical and structural properties of the deposited films. We performed measurements on absorbance and transmittance for the optical properties, recorded the Current-Voltage (I-V) characteristic examined by a four-point probe to measure the resistivity of the films and x-ray patterns to see their structural properties.




Pulsed laser deposition; ZnO thin films; UV; XRD; Electrical Characterization.

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