The Evaluation of Ergonomic Situations of the Equipment Elements in Selcuk University Campus, Konya, Turkey

Serpil Onder, Ahmet Tugrul Polat, Azize Ozturk


Reinforcement components are equipment and structures that facilitate man’s individual and social life in urban environment, enables interpersonal communication, adds a specific meaning to space in terms of function and aesthetics and have various quantitative and qualitative properties. In order for these components to be useful for people in outer urban spaces, they should be in harmony with the environment, aesthetic, functional and ergonomic. This study was conducted on Selcuk University campus. Reinforcement components on the campus that do not conform to ergonomic standards were investigated. Reinforcement components were evaluated in four groups, namely garden furniture, floor, bordering and roofing elements. Measurements of these elements were taken, elements that did not conform to ergonomic standards were determined and suggestions were made concerning elimination of existing errors and creation of safer and more convenient spaces.


Ergonomic standards, equipment elements, campus, Selcuk University, Turkey

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