Synthesis and Characterisation of Binuclear Transition Metal Complexes of Tridentate Schiff Base Ligands and an Investigation of Their Antimicrobial Activities

Ziya Erdem Koc, H.Ismet Ucan, Ali Ates


Novel binuclear copper(II), cobalt(II), nickel(II) and zinc(II) transition metal complexes of tridentate Schiff base ligands (1-hydroxyethyl-2-iminoisonitroso acetophenone (L1H2) and 2-hydroxyphenyliminoisonitrosoacetophenone (L2H2) have been synthesized and characterized by elemental analyses, IR, 1H NMR spectroscopy, thermal analyses and magnetic susceptibility measurements.  The Schiff bases and some of the metal complexes have been shown that they exhibit some antibacterial activities.


Schiff bases, spectroscopic analysis, metal complexes, antimicrobial activities

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