Women’s Role In Educating The Environmental Protection

Siamak Eslami


In this research, after defining the environmental protection and its education, Different opinions about the role of women in environmental education have been taken into account. Dimensions and characteristics of each of the positive effects of women in education and research environment is studied. Enjoying A clean and healthy environment for everyone is of particular importance. Fishermen need Clean and non-polluted water of the oceans and sea, farmers and consumers need territory of non-toxic cleaning products that are not harmful to health, give credence. Principles of environmental protection and effective approach to environmental issues arising from the experience of brokers worldwide and it seems that In considering the implications of the framework and procedures that can be sustained in the environmental movement can be hopeful. According to the given key role in promoting environmental education in the principles of environment protection, the aim of the present study is to investigate Women’s role in educating the environmental protection.


Environment, conservation, women, sustainable development

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